Yet we are in the first phase 4. In order to take realistic steps that will give direction to manufacturers about the industrial revolution there is a need for companies that develop technology. The industrial developments in our country, especially Germany, USA, States with major economies like China and industries considering investments in the region of the largest producers of the industrial revolution, but above all resources and the possibilities to convert an opportunity in his hands they seem to be able to make the necessary investments in technology businesses.

We feel the impact in our daily lives more and more every day, that will change our lives at a dizzying pace recently “Internet of things” concept, Industry 4.0 factory into the production environment that will make them smarter will allow it to be produced at the highest quality and complex products in less time. In order to survive and adapt to changing dynamics, manufacturers need to take steps before these developments before it is too late and you will catch a moment.

The center, which are in communication with each other, products, machinery, operator, production elements, such as next generation “Smart Factory”operating in the name of the set s provided. Aiming is the most important issue, the dynamics of its production, the firm, points to be aware of current conditions and improvement; to analyze the sectoral dynamics and the expectations are good. Besides, “Internet”, “Interconnecting products, machines, people, businesses”, “virtualization” concepts like Industry 4.0 future opportunities with the vision of the center that puts needs to be better understood and communicated. Instead of getting lost in a vague way, the steps correctly and at the right time to throw the competition also is geared to firms. To ensure that the MCS Factory in order to take the right steps at the right time Digitalization solutions. 

MCS Factory Digitalization, as the target adopts the following titles.

The latest production Technologies,  the concept of Industry 4.0 be integrated with the development of Turkey's industry and related technologies.

Follow and apply the latest developments in production technologies.

Provide a solution for all businesses planning to switch to industry 4.0, give advice

Develop a custom application for each separate Production Sector.

The concept of Industry 4.0 is to be a suitable partner.

End-to-end integration we perform the digitizing operations of industrial facilities with a password. This facility is available in all kinds of machine for your production line or at the track The first digitization device are included within the same network infrastructure to ensure the flour. Identification systems can be monitored and tracked by integrating with the applications that we have developed to transform it into a system. This digital data transformation from the data in the lowest layer of the automation of Enterprise Resource Planning vertical in the sense that we are unifying.

Custom applications developed with industry 4.0 is more flexible and fast, efficient and quality production that allows you to make a fully integrated, intelligent system that communicates with each other online, we're turning it into a production facility meaningful data analysis. We provide real-time data communication cycle in milliseconds for the system to be in.

As for the retracing of products throughout the entire supply chain duplex horizontally, between own production and each step in the planning process, but also we provide a seamless flow between steps in the planning process of production and different enterprises. From the procurement of raw materials, production, marketing integration we offer, covering every point until Delivery. Also giving way to the development of business models established between different businesses.

We called Mars, which production management system (MES) that can be applied to any platform for industry 4.0 solutions. STARTER, advanced and measurable MES system. Business management provides an integrated structure from level to level. Users on topics such as production efficiency and production optimization by providing high-quality and easily accessible data, enables us to respond faster to changing production needs. With its modular structure, different software from real-time information throughout the product life cycle by automation connects. Digitize business processes to be automated by industry 4.0 in realizing that we are taking five more for the application layers, respectively in businesses by implementing customer-specific personalized production, we optimise resource efficiency and high quality. Thus, production in the field of sensors, motors, control devices, production management systems, Enterprise Resource Planning application, Business Intelligence applications, integrated, seamless, real-time communication that can provide capable of remote access, highly secure infrastructure we are building.

We perform the following steps in accordance with industry 4.0 we.

1. Phase                : Optimize the Automation,  Dijitalize the plant.

2. Phase                : Communicate Real-time,  Unify horizontal and vertical

3. Phase                : (MES) solutions that give our industry 4.0 promotion.

4. Phase                : Customer-Specific Production, Personalize The Product

5. Phase                : Optimize the supply chain, from end to end and follow the product from home watch and check

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